Authenticate your users in minutes

Implementing registration, login, social auth is hard and painful. We know it. With our highly secure and open-source users management platform, you can focus on your app while staying in control of your users data.

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It's free and open-source!

Login and authentication made easy

With our pre-built registration and login pages and complete users management dashboard, you can start to manage users in your app in a matter of minutes

Simple, fast & secure.

Stop wasting time and sweat implementing users authentication. It's not fun. We provide you a solid experience to add users management to your app in minutes.

You are the lord.

Storing user information is sensible. Fief is open-source and you host it yourself, on your own infrastructure. For free.

No vendor lock-in. You can have a look at our codebase, and even help us improve it.

Join the kingdom. Protect your users.

Add authentication and users management to your app in a matter of minutes. It's free and open-source!

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It's free!

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We strongly believe in open-source and are passionate about authentication. Support us to get exclusive perks and help us build a great platform!

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